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What is Powder Coating?Powder coating is a new type of 100% solid powder coating which does not contain solvents. With no solvent, no pollution, energy and resources saving, recycling, environmental protection, higher performance, low health risk to workforce, economical advantages etc.Most powder coating is used by electro

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What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a new type of 100% solid powder coating which does not contain solvents. With no solvent, no pollution, energy and resources saving, recycling, environmental protection, higher performance, low health risk to workforce, economical advantages etc.
Most powder coating is used by electrostatic spraying on metal surface, and then cure in oven, eventually form a solid layer.

Categories and Performances of Powder Coatings

♦Epoxy resin powder coating: Mainly used indoor, offer the best corrosion protection

♦Polyester resin powder coating: Mainly used outdoor, offer the highest exterior stability and performance

♦Epoxy Polyester Hybrid powder coating: could be used indoor or outdoor, offer the best corrosion and weather resistance


Electrical Household AppliancesAerospace Area
Automotive ElectronicsFitness Equipment
Track TrafficMedical Devices
Petroleum Pipes, ValveTools & Hardware
LED Lights, Outdoor LampsRadiator & Heat Sink
Glass DecorationExternal Facilities

Product Specification
Test ItemTest MethodTest Result
Film ThicknessISO236060-80um
Pencil HardnessASTMD 3363H-2H
Grid Test 1mmISO24090 CLASS
Impulse TestASTMD2794Pass
Cupping TestISO1520≥8mm
Heat Resistance 1000 hoursISO6270-1Popping<1mm
Salt Spray 1000 hoursISO9227Corrosion Spreading<1mm


Jinhu Color Powder Coating co.,Ltd has more than 10-year' experiecnce in producing the powder coating.

With experienced technology , we have achieved a good reputation at home and abroad. 

Main composition

The bulk powder paint is mainly made of epoxy resin,polyester resin and curing agent, leveling agent, pigment, filler and other addictives. it has super chemical resistance and mechanical properties. It can be used in painting those metal products that have special requirement of corrosion resistance, electric insulativity and pliability. Directly outdoor using is not to be suggested.


· Pipeline industry: anti-corrosion pipeline, Oil pipeline, sewage pipe, vessel water pipe, gas pipe and valves etc.

· Metal furniture: Steel furniture, documents cabinets etc.

· Kitchen utensils: gas cylinder, gas cooker, kitchen ventilator etc.

· Construction industry: door lock, rebar and steel moulding plate

· Electrical industry: Electronic spare parts, winding coil, and insulation coating of the rotator etc.

Products series

· Available in standard curing and lower temperature curing

· Available in multi-colors, different gloss level such as high gloss ( above 90°), flat gloss( 70-80°), semi gloss ( 10-60°), matt( below 10°), particular color and gloss is made according to customers requirements.

· Available in various kinds of art textures, such as sandy, wrinkle, lanose grain, hammer tone, metallic effect etc.

Physical property

Specific gravity: 1.11.8g/cm(varied with different color and gloss)

Particle size: average 10~38um, proportion 10~84um > 90%, it can be adjusted if special requirement is put forward to us in advance.

Curing temperature

Standard type: 180oC/15 minutes

Or 160oC/20 minutes, 200oC/10 minutes if customer require



The overall quality of the coating system is largely dependent on the type and quality of the pre-treatment. The recommended types of pre-treatment for the most frequently used substrates are:


Chromate conversion


Zinc phosphate

Zinc coated steel

Zinc phosphate or chromate conversion

Average coating rate

A.      Smooth Surface:
6-12/KG, film thickness 60μm (calculated according to 100 consuming of powder coating)

B.     Texture Surface:

5-7/KG,film thickness is about 80-120μm

Film performance


Test Item

Test standard and Method


Test index

Impact resistance

GB/T 1732 -1993




GB/T 9286 - 1998


Class 0


GB/T 6742-1986



Pencil hardness

GB/T 6739-1996



Cupping test

GB/T 9753-1988



Salt spray resistance

GB/T 1771-1991


>400 Hours

Heat & humidity resistance

GB/T 1740-1979


>500 Hours,film gloss slightly lose

Note: 1. Above test are using 0.30mm thickness degreased, rust removed cold rolling steel plate, film thickness is 60-80um.

2. Film performance may slightly decrease with gloss decrease.


Carton packing with liner of double polyethylene bags, Net weight 20kg each.

Storage and shippment

The bulk powder paint  must be stored in ventilated, dry and clean room with temperature below 25oC, Keep it away from fire, heat,and direct sunlight. Outdoor stacking is prohibited. Avoid rains and exposure to sunshine during shipment.

Health and safety

The bulk powder paint is no hazardous ingredients contained. Wearing anti-dust mask and goggles to avoid inhalation of dust. Try best to avoid longtime contact with powder. The coating adhesive to the skin can be washed with soap.

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