Best price skin whitening powder food grade ascorbic acid and vitamin C powder for food supplements

L- Ascorbic Acid VITAMIN C          CAS No.: 50-81-7                                    Molecular Formula:C6H8O6    &nbs

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L- Ascorbic Acid VITAMIN C

          CAS No.: 50-81-7                                    Molecular Formula:C6H8O6                  Einecs Number:200-066-2           
          Synonyms: Vitamin C
Best Price Whitening Skin Powder Food Grade Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C Powder for Food Supplement
Best Price Whitening Skin Powder Food Grade Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C Powder for Food Supplement

Ascorbic acid is a white or slightly yellow crystals or powder,a little acid.m.p.190°C-192°C,easily soluble in water,a little soluble in alcohol and uneasily soluble in Ether and chlorofom and other organic solvent.In solid state it is stable in air.Its water solution is easliy mutated when it meets with air. 
Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, a water-soluble dietary supplement. Vitamin C is not only an important nutrient but is also used as an antioxidant in various foods. However, it is not soluble in fat and is unstable under basic conditions. The name ascorbic means antiscurvy and denotes the ability of ascorbic to combat this disease.
Analysis StandardBP2012/USP36/FCCVII/E300
Shelf Life3 Years
Net/Gross Weight 25.0kgs/26.1kgs
Analysis ContentsAnalysis StandardAnalysis Results
CharacteristicsWhite or almost White crystals Crystalline PowderPass
IdentificationPositive ReactionPositive
Melting PointAbout 190ºC191.2ºC
Clarity Of SolutionClearClear
Colour Of SolutionBY7<BY7
Heavy Metals10ppm<10ppm
Oxalic Acid0.2%<0.2%
Loss of Drying≤0.4%<0.4%
Sulphate Ash(Residue On Ignition)0.1%<0.1%
Specific Optical Rotation+20.5°-+21.5°+21.15°
Mesh40-80 MeshPass
Residual SolventsPassPass
ConclusionThe Above-Mentioned Product Conforms To

Vitamin C is widely used in many fields such as food , beverage, breeding and forage additives. Its main functions reflected in following 5 aspects:

1)Keep food, fruits and beverage fresh and prevent them from producing unpleasant smell. 
2)Prevent formation of nitrous amine from nitrous acid in meat products. 
3)Improve dough quality and make baked food expand to its maximum. 
4Compensate the Vitamin C losses of beverage ,fruits and vegetables during processing rocedures. 
5)Used as nutritional element in additives,Feed additives.

Package and Storage:
25kg/carton, 20-22mt/20'fcl 

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